Ever felt defeated?

Well that’s the week I’ve had. Miserable, unproductive and completely pear shaped!! BUT that being said, my faith is not moved. I know I have my almighty father God who has a great big plan for me. One that I cannot see but one that I absolutely believe in. Lord I thank you for living inside of me and for always being my strength in all that I’ve been through. Prayer is powerful and God is listening ALL THE TIME!!


Thank you

God thank you today. 

For not giving up on me.

For wiping my tears away

For helping me through the day

For being my strength

For introducing me to my soulmate 

For his love for me

For my love for him

For the doors you have opened up for me

For giving me hope 

For YOUR love
Lord I thank you today…

last 25

so today is my last day of 25. phew it feels… I’m actually not entirely sure how it feels. I’m at a point where I feel like I want to stay 25. “Please God don’t make me grow older.” Once you tip the 25 mark I think it starts to kind of sink in.. Yes? No… Ok maybe I’m being a tad bit too hard on myself but you get what I mean. Here are some valuable lessons that I have learnt since I’ve been able to kind of try and understand this whole life thing…Not entirely there yet but hey look its something…

Lessons of 25.

  1. Respect God
  2. Respect life
  3. Don’t set high expectations for other people on your life
  4. Your parents are right 99% of the time. You’ll only understand later in life, not now
  5. Value family
  6. Treasure strong and real friendships
  7. Let go
  8. God will never forsake you
  9. If its not meant to be it won’t be.
  10. Don’t force matters
  11. When planning your life, consult with God first or else you’re up for major disappointment
  12. God. First and last. In EVERYTHING
  13. If you’re wrong, apologize
  14. Believe in yourself
  15. Be brave
  16. Be confident
  17. Stand up for yourself
  18. Be true to yourself
  19. Put on your dancing shoes and show up to the party. You’ll thank yourself later
  20. Maintain an attitude of gratitude
  21. Falling is not failing. Dust yourself off, get back up and try again
  22. Connect and talk to God ALL the time. There is never a right time. every second he is ready to listen and answer
  23. Give
  24. spend time with those who deserve and appreciate your time
  25. Love yourself

Til I turn 26…


Laters 🙂




Attitude of Gratitude

You never know how strong you are until God takes you to a point where you feel like you won’t get up again. That is what I have learnt in the 25, almost 26 years of life. Now, I AM a strong God believer and I sometimes forget that I have to encounter a struggle in order for my faith to be tested.  I’ve been meaning to start this blog for ages but procrastination always gets the better of me and yes there are not enough hours in one day! But today something unspecial happened to me and that is what got me off the procrastination trail and here I am.

Today I want to talk about relationships with God. Many a time we take God for granted and expect him to deliver everything and anything that our heart desires. But in many a case we forget to actually connect and talk to God, we forget to grow and strengthen our relationship with our father. We are so busy chasing the over rated materialistic “joys” of life that we forget to take a step back, breathe, be still and listen. We focus our energies so much on things that aren’t meant for us, we give our all into things that aren’t built for us, only to crash and crumble when we realise that those things weren’t built for us but for someone else.

Now for the past two months I had my eye on something that I believed with all my heart was mine. Every day I prayed it and spoke it into being but all it took was a mere minute of reading one sentence that I learnt that it in fact wasn’t for me. Now you can imagine the amount of questions that could have went on in my head but all that came out of me was a heavy,sad, pathetic sigh, a huge gulp of ego punch down my throat and tears that I held back with all I had at that second.

But what shocked me is that all it took was a few seconds for me to thank God. No I wasn’t angry or disappointed in me. I was angry and disappointed in myself for overlooking God’s power and expecting him to show up when I didn’t even give him half my time. That wasn’t fair at all was it?

Anyway the moral of my story is connection and consultation. We really should not take advantage of God’s love, sacrifice and power. He is there. ALL the time, ever present but how often are we there and how often do we push him away for life’s pleasure?


Reflect and ponder on that til my next aha moment…