There’s gotta be more to life

IMG_6393[1]For the past couple of weeks I have been in a state of the unknown. A state whereby I’m constantly trying to better myself yet I find myself stuck. And I sit here asking myself why or what am I doing wrong. I’ve consulted and seeked for advice but the truth is there is no better advice than my own, for the only person who knows my true dreams and goals is myself.

In trying to figure out what the key to unlocking my trapped situation – I have asked numerous times “Lord what is my purpose”.What is it that you have planned for my life and what direction am I to take? Am I on track? Should I change my route? Its is never an easy conversation to dive into and the challenging questions fight with your comfort zone They bring you to a realization that there actually is so much more out there and all I am having of it is one third of the quarter.

Dear me:

Stop it. Snap out of it. Remember way back when you were a kid. Remember those dreams you had to be the best and the realist. Remember how you wanted to stand out, inspire and motivate? Where is that girl? What happened to that mind? Let’s please bring her back.

You are it! You are amazing! You are fruitful! Your success is in your hands! Make it happen! Your parents didn’t bring you this far to be mediocre. Now cummon, fix that crown and get back on the ramp.