Unpacking the past

It hit me!


I ACTUALLY know what I want to do 🙂 So of course I have been the very confused, anxious, unhappy, unsettled girl of late. Trying to find my purpose and what my calling is. I’ve constantly been praying to God about it and asking him to shed some light on me. It wasn’t until a colleague of mine started opening up to me telling me her story that I learnt that “I am actually not the only one”. Many of us are on this road of continuous self discovery, trying to better ourselves and finding what it is that makes us tick.

What I’ve learnt is that, it is OK to not have the same thing that made you tick when you were 18 make you tick now. But hell if it is still that ONE same thing then damn what a BONUS!

So I had a bit of a chat with my younger self earlier this week. The little Ayanda who was a dreamer and believed that absolutely everything is possible. What happened to her? I ask myself. So I went back into time and lived in that moment a bit.

“when I grow up I want to be in the entertainment industry”the little me would say. Ï want to see my name in lights and have camera’s all on me” I would say. “I want to make people laugh, smile, cheer them up and LOVE doing JUST that!”.img_7082

FFWD to now…

What happended to that girl? She grew up. She went to school and met all kinds of characters and personalities that made her [unbelieve] in her dreams. minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year she derailed…


And that’s how I lost sight of my dream.