Never underestimate God’s power

It’s 1:24am. I’m having my daily devotion with God. And I realize how often I have known who God is but have never really freely allowed him to be God and take control of my life. I’ve wanted to intervene and have a say. Not fully giving him HIS power to do things and be God. 

Father God, today I give myself to you again and ask you to take me. All of me. Fully and completely Lord. I want to be empty so that I May be filled by the power and love of your Holy Spirit my Lord. I am ready for your blessings of strength, joy,endurance, persistence, believing, fighting and of  being and belonging to you my God. Take me now and make me yours my Lord.

This is such an exciting time for me. Knowing that I am safe in your hands and having nothing to worry about brings me peace and settlement. I have absolutely no worries of weapons and threats prospering against me for I know that you promised to  always be with me and that you will never forsake me my Lord. Oh what a wonderful feeling it is to be yours Lord Jesus. Every step I will take today will be in your name. It will be done gracefully and with much confidence for I walk the walk of the daughter of a King. I fear no evil for MY weapons are stronger and mightier than any other. My weapon is one and it is GOD. That is all and that is enough. 

Father God this is the attitude I bring to the party table this week. I am ready for this week. I am taking you in with me. Please hold my hand Lord and never let go of me. Any challenges and victories that I will face, I want to face with you. 
If anyone asks me, tell them that I am ready for I am with God and all is well with my soul. 

If anyone further asks me how I do it, tell them that I am the powerful, strong, praying woman.



Not my best day

I struggled today. I have this bad habit of turning to food when I am in doubt or anxious. My eating habits have really gone astray the past 4months. And that is what in fact makes me nervous. to think I lost a whole 10kgs last year and have gained 6 of that back early sucks. Now instead of me going back to my healthy ways, I am feeding my self with filthier food in consolation and comfort. It is a struggle. I’m not winning. I keep trying to remind myself of the space I was in this time last year and what it was that kept me going in hopes that I can somehow adopt that attitude again. Day in and out, I am trying to be a better version of me. 
Lord I need you. 
Sick of ugly food…