Letter to me EX

Letter to my Ex

Dear x.

I look back at the past decade and marvel at the precious times and memories I made with you. I realise that I did not give myself enough time to grieve and mourn the loss of our future together. What was and what could have been is now no more. I realise that most of what I had pre-created in my mind is now null and void and now I have to live with the reality of my now and future without you. I also have realised and learned that most of who I am now was moulded and shaped by what my mind had conditioned itself to. You and me. Us. And our happily ever after.

As I write and start to consciously listen to my emotions and feelings I realise that this is me healing. This is me going and stepping into a new human. I thank you for the lessons you taught me. The laughs we had. The fights and scars that broke me but built me. I thank you for pushing me and challenging me. I thank you for allowing me to be myself, allowing me to dream, to be independent and let go and roam free. I loved you with every single bit of me. At hat time I thought and believed that you were the one. But apparently God had something and someone better in mind for me. Apparently I was not for you and you were not for me.

Dear x. Today i’m officially letting go. It is well with my soul. [for that era] We lived, we loved and we conquered. I wish you well with your future. I pray for you and your life. May God bless you richly and abundandtly. May you continue to love and dream. You are a soldier. You are a warrior. And you are a force to be reckoned with. Stay afloat my dear x. God has your back and will never give up on you. I may have given up but God is your day one and continue to let him in to your life.

I wish you well. I smiled though my heart ached. But today I smile as my heart lets go and lets God….

Love always




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